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Our Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers and their families are dealing with unprecedented challenges and stress. Officers and Deputies from across the state, no matter the size of the agency, need immediate and free access to resources to help them stay emotionally strong and healthy. 


Sadly, the majority of Wisconsin officers don’t have free, confidential, and vetted peer support or mental health providers they can reach out to for proactive help.  Most of the time individuals don't seek out these resources until there is a serious problem.

We are excited to announce a tremendous new resource that will help every law enforcement professional in Wisconsin, the creation of a mobile app that will provide free mental health services to every officer in the state, at anytime and anywhere.

The app has information and resources specifically meant to support police personnel and it will continue to grow into a resource for anyone currently in the law enforcement field, retired law enforcement and family members of law enforcement. It provides ways to connect directly to peer support resources, chaplains and mental health professionals.

If you have experience working with first responders and would like to be listed in the app as a resource please contact us

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