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Police Chaplains are a valuable resource because of their education, experience, and training, as well as their ability to understand the nature of law enforcement. Law enforcement employees may choose not to discuss certain situations that affect their work or personal lives with co-workers or family members to avoid undue concern or negative judgment. While they may contact their own clergy, employees may also benefit from the services of a Police Chaplain in a unique way regarding issues related to the law enforcement profession.

Chaplain programs create a partnership with various faith-based leaders of a community to respond and assist police and other law enforcement agencies by providing services to both the officers and citizens of the communities. Chaplain services can include counseling department employees and their family members, support during a crisis response, visitation to department employees and their family members who are sick or injured, and participation at official ceremonies and special occasions.

If your agency is looking to start a chaplain program and would like some sample policies or would like help navigating the process contact us


If you are currently serving as a Chaplain and are interested in participating in the WILEGuardians app or as a resource to the LEDR Team please fill out the survey here.

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