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The purpose of a peer support team is to aid a co-worker during times of both professional and personal crisis through the use of specially trained volunteer peers. Peer support is a vital component of maintaining health and wellness in a agency. By empowering colleagues to support affected co-workers through specialized training, a department is creating an environment built around prevention, intervention and breaking the negative stigma commonly associated with seeking treatment.

If your agency is looking to start a peer support program and would like help navigating the process please contact us here

For additional documents related to Peer Support click here

The LEDR Team is currently collecting information from agencies on Peer Support teams. If you agency has a peer support team, would like to start a peer support team or participate in a region approach please fill out the survey here



With the support of the Chiefs and Sheriffs associations, and other public safety organizations, the WI Law Enforcement Death Response Team (LEDR) is creating a Peer Support Team that will provide law enforcement managers and supervisors support through times of personal or professional crisis, help them strengthen their resiliency skills, and offer emotional mentorship so they can effectively help lead their agencies.

Applications now open until February 10th, 2023 click here to apply

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