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In 1999 the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association in partnership with the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc. and WI COPS, made as one of its goals, the establishment of a Line-of-Duty Death Resource Committee to serve all law enforcement agencies in the State of Wisconsin. 

In 2019, Wisconsin Command College Class # 7 made it their mission to raise funds to support the Wisconsin LEDR team and also worked diligently to create videos and a web presence.

The LEDR Team is trained to assist with the details that surround the death of a law enforcement employee, including on-duty, off-duty and suicide. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Death Notification

  • Critical Incident Debriefing

  • Peer Counseling

  • Funeral Preparation

  • Public Safety Officer Benefits

  • Family Support

  • Family Liaisons

  • Honor Guard

  • Media Requests

  • Chaplains

The LEDR Team works in cooperation with organizations such as WI Concerns of Police Survivors, WI Law Enforcement Memorial board and WI Honor Guard Association. 

In 2020, the Wisconsin LEDR Team officially became a recognized non-profit organization that serves the Wisconsin Law Enforcement community and the families of those who have given up their life for the service to their communities. 

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